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The Commanders Respond: Montenegrin Navy

Our navy recognizes that most ships in our fleet, especially former missile frigates ( Kotor  class), missile gunboats ( Koncar  class), and some larger auxiliary ships, all equipped with systems and technology from the late 1980s, are unsustainable systems even now, not to mention in the context of the navy’s future purpose and tasks.

The costs of maintenance, operation, training, and manning for those ships cannot be absorbed into projected navy budgeting, detracting in the final analysis from the navy’s ability to ensure maritime safety and protect Montenegrin interests at sea. For that reason, one of the navy’s most important strategic objectives for the future is platform modernization or the procurement of new platforms and systems through conversion.

This year has begun very ambitiously. The promising open-sea tug boat  Orada  and the training ship  Jadran  are to be docked and overhauled. We also have begun implementation of an entirely new system of sea surveillance through the installation and linking of modern radars into one master system monitored and controlled from a joint operations center. In the second and the next stage of development, the plan is to purchase new ships that will, in terms of their features and technology, be multifunctional and multimodular platforms capable of patrolling, search-and-rescue at sea, boarding, transport, and combating marine pollution.

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Conferences and Events

2018 Coast Guard Academy Conference

Tue, 2018-09-11

As part of The U.S. Coast Guard Academy 2018- 2019 Leadership Lecture Series The U.S. Naval Institute presents Disaster Will...

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The New China Challenge

Why Become a Member of the U.S. paisley bandana ASOS and paisley black in DESIGN 2 ASOS pack khaki bandana paisley ASOS paisley 2 black pack in DESIGN ASOS and khaki Naval amp; Slim Scott in PLUS Scott Fit Lyle Lyle amp; Jeans Wash Rinse aTq644 Institute?

As an independent forum for over 140 years, the Naval Institute has been nurturing creative thinkers who responsibly raise their voices on matters relating to national defense.

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