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Bra Monki Monki Triangle Monki Patch Patch Monki Bra Triangle SrXwprxqO8

Monki Bra Patch Triangle Monki Triangle Monki Patch Bra Monki The VARTA rechargeable batteries are tailor-made application solutions. We offer the best consumer orientation combined with an reliable, innovative and forward-looking technology. Further they also protect your wallet as well as the environment.

Monki Bra Bra Triangle Monki Patch Monki Monki Patch Triangle Reasons To Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Save Batteries
As Accus can be recharged thousands of times, they can replace thousands of alkaline batteries
Save money
Higher expenses will  be paid back in short time by frequent usage
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Save Material and Packaging
The replacement of alkaline batteries saves a lot of raw materials and packaging as less batteries are produced
Save Water and Energy
Less batteries lead to less water and energy consumption due to lower battery productions
Save Transports
Bra Triangle Monki Patch Patch Monki Bra Triangle Monki Monki Lower battery productions and purchasing rates – as rechargeable batteries can be used up to 5 years – result in reduced transportation and pollution

Recharge Accu Endless

VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless – Experience latest and most advanced accu technology! The new money-saving product line with the highest number of charges in the most demanded capacities. This new rechargeable is especially designed for families and their kids. The VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless cells provide the highest number of charging cycles with up to 3500 charges per battery*, are pre-charged for immediate usage and have a very low self-discharge** – Endless power for all kind of situations and applications, where reliable sources of mobile power are needed.
* For AA 1000 mAh based on IEC 61951 ( Ed.3. Performance may vary according to use.
** For AA 1000 mAh based on internal VARTA testing.

Recharge Accu Recycled

VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Recycled – The new environmentally friendly green product line in the most demanded capacities. VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Recycled is made of 11% recycled material and combines all advantages of regular rechargeable batteries like Ready-To-Use technology and low self-discharge.

Recharge Accu Power

The powerful product line combines best value for money and consumer orientation. Once charged, the VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Power still retain up to 75% of their initial capacity after 12 months of storage (for AAA 1000 mAH / AA 2600 mAh up to 65%). The pre-charged batteries are perfect for daily usage and do not require a special charger.

Device Oriented Specials

Device oriented specials – innovative application specific solutions to meet your daily needs. Whether you use low drain devices like solar lights or you need optimized capacities for cordless phones, VARTA has the matching tailor-made solution for every battery-driven device.

Product Details

Bra by Monki




If you’re all for personality and expression then Monki is the one for you. Known for its street-style-meets-Scandi-chic design and super-fun story-based store concepts, Monki grabs bold, brash colors and a whole lot of prints and patterns before playing them out across a collection of 90s crop tops, Bodycon dresses and skinny jeans.


Model wears: UK XS/ EU XS/ US XS

Model's height: 174cm/5'8.5"


Machine washAlways read the labelCheck it before you wreck it


Stretch mesh

For when comfort is key

Embroidery: 100% Polyester, Shell: 88% Polyamide, 12% Spandex.